“Balmy” is a weird word

So for some reason,  I always forget what “balmy” means. Does it mean mild, pleasant weather?  Or does it mean hot, humid weather?

I don’t know why, but I can’t hold onto the definition. I have a pretty good vocabulary, I read (somewhat) often,  but that word is just a black hole for me?

I just read it in someone’s Facebook post and (sigh) Yes I looked it up.  Ok, good and pleasant it is.

I know, i know… typically a balm is fragrant and healing,  but to me, it just doesn’t sound like it means that. “Balmy” sounds negative, probably because it sounds like “bomb-y” or maybe because it sounds like “blah-mi”.

Act it out: Picture it’s mild, clear and has a slight breeze, and say “wow, it’s so balmy out!”

Exactly, the sound of the word doesn’t go with the concept it represents.  I’m glad you see things my way. 

I need to talk to the people at Webster,  see if we can change that definition. I think they messed up on this one.

What words do you not like?


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