Mixed Signals

So in The Valentine’s Day Hook Up I mentioned connecting with a woman I know and making a date with her.

The date was this past Friday. We had some great Chinese food by her apartment and had some great conversation with laughs.

We went back to her apartment to eat some homemade ice cream that we bought to-go.

More conversation and laughs followed. However, there was no spark for me. I wish there was but the attraction was just not there. I can’t fake that. And I shouldn’t, wouldn’t be fair to either of us. As she moved closer I made sure to not do the same so I wouldn’t confuse her.

And then… I confused her.  Possibly. As I said goodbye, she stood in the First Kiss position….and I gave her a two-second kiss on the lips. Then I pulled away briefly and gave her another. No tongue. No grabbing, no holding. I didn’t say that we should hang out again,  but I did kiss her on the lips.

She texted saying thanks.  I replied “good times,  have a good weekend” or something vanilla like that.

We’ll see.


  1. Ahhh… you suck. lol!

    Actually, you at least let her feel like she was wanted/attractive. Just now she’ll think something’s wrong with her. You’re just messing with her head now. just kidding! Don’t worry! It’s just a first date. She’ll get over it. 😉

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  2. As long as there aren’t a bunch of other dates to come she’ll be fine. I never thought about the pressure men feel to kiss a girl they don’t feel attracted to. Probably would have been more awkward if you hadn’t kissed her. LOL soooo glad I’m not dating.

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