I hate most melted cheese

There,  I said it.

I know my grandparents were Italian and I can hear them screening “desgraziado!” as they’re spinning in their respective graves, but I hate a chicken parm hero.

I do love a chicken cutlet hero, but only with sauce, no cheese.

“Hold up there, GRex, you’ve posted pics of pizza before, like this:


and you wrote this post, and pizza, as we all know, is 1/3 cheese. Melted cheese at that. So what do you have to say for yourself now?”

True. Yet it’s perfectly balanced with sauce and bread. Things likes chicken parm, on a sandwich or platter, have the melted cheese just all over the place.  It’s not the taste so much as the consistency and the ooziness if it all. The taste is kind of bland,  actually.

My cousin “Nunzio” is one of the cousins who bought me the Taco Bell gift certificates fir Christmas, has been getting me to branch out on my items of choice at Taco Bell. And yes, I have.

I tried a special burrito yesterday and halfway through the MELTED CHEESE AND SOUR CREAM COMES OOZING OUT THE BACK OF THE DAMN BURRITO.

ANOTHER reason for me to hate melted cheese. It’s just messy and doesnt have enough taste to justify is presence. Melted cheddar is not like melted mozzarella or ricotta. Melted cheddar tastes awful.


  1. you and I are in agreement. I LOVE many kinds of cheeses. But I dislike MOST melted cheeses. I like pizza and lasagna (only my parents’) but don’t like grilled cheese sandwhiches or most ‘melts’.

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