“Ain’t” is the Pete Rose of words.

I was just typing an email to a friend and unconsciously wrote the word “gonna.” I think it’s rare that people say “going to” these days and that “gonna” has been so absorbed into society.  (And the same for “wanna”/”want to.”) “Gonna” does not get a dashed-red line underneath it, which would notate that it would be spelled wrong/not a word in Gmail’s glossary. “Wanna” has no line under it either.

Good for them, making it to “word status. ”

So, for shits and giggles, I typed the word “ain’t” and wouldn’t you know it, I spy a daahed-red line:


Oh come on,  grammar-powers-that-be, just because “ain’t” is not a direct contraction it’s not being allowed into the “Hall of Official Words”? “Ain’t” is actually multi-purpose, it can both replace “are not” “am not” and “is not.”

(I checked with MS Word. That’s doesn’t have neither “ain’t” nor “ain’t” but that’s from Office 2011. I would think Google would be more current anyway.)

I call bs. I’m not gonna stand for this. This ain’t right.


  1. As a proud Southerner, I confused many a Northerner with “I’m-a-Fixin” and “Y’all.” I have since weaned myself off my Southern speech impediment….

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