The Valentine’s Day Hook Up

So as I mentioned on Valentine’s Day, what did I have going on?

That’s right, sto cazz. Nice to see you’re paying attention.

I did go out to my favorite local pub, the “Bitter Cat” for dinner at the bar and seeing who I can talk to. My timing was off. I got there at 7pm but it was a Saturday not Friday. And it was also Valentine’s Day. It was dead that early.  I spread the time out best as I could,  had a few beers before dinner,  had a few after. 

And it was still pretty dead at 9:30pm. And I didn’t have it in me to stay longer.

Thankfully this here portable device kept me company while I was having dinner.

On Facebook, a female friend “Valerie” posted that she was on a dinner date. I commented something snarky and brilliant. Then a mutual female friend “Sue” saw my comment on Facebook and commented “hey, why don’t you two date each other.”

Truth be told,  Val had posted a recent pic on FB that I thought looked great.  “Hey, Val… how YOU doin?” I wrote in response to Sue’s inquiry. A few comments back and forth (Val commented when her date went to the bathroom,  or when she did), then a couple private messages and BOOM it’s on.

Then I called yesterday, got props for not texting and BOOM plans for Friday.  Dinner in her hood in NJ. Yes, I’ll have to pay tolls and cross water to get there. She lives in a cool area,  views of Manhattan,  a nice town to walk around.  

We’ll see how it goes.


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