Networking, my friend. Networking.

So yes, I’m seeking employment. And companies post their job openings online. Long gone are the days of buying the physical New York Times Sunday edition for its famous and mammoth Help Wanted section.

And gone are the days of scanning Monster or Careerbuilder every day. There are services that scan them for me.

LinkedIn is all the rage. Companies post jobs there too, with links to their corporate site to apply.

HOWEVER that does not change the fact that companies get hundreds if not thousands of applications online. What makes the biggest difference?


“It’s not what you know,  it’s who you know” as they say.

Now what I’m saying is nothing new. That being said, I don’t network that much. It’s not my go-to way of doing things. Something about being out there in that way just makes me uncomfortable. Perhaps I’m not as extroverted as I think I am.

Thank the Lord for good friends who offer help when it’s not asked for but it’s obviously needed.

At the beginning of this this job search, my friend “Jon” took me under his networking wing. Now I’m not quite meeting up with people for lunch or drinks all the time, but a lot more than before. And I’ve been lucky enough to get a great response of people wanting to help,  referring me to recruiters, or people they know at companies.

Of my 16 interviews that I’ve had so far, I’d say 14 were from referrals.

And I rarely just send an online application without networking to someone I see on LinkedIn who is at that company or that has a connection there,  and ask them to send my resume and recommendation.

No I haven’t gotten an offer yet, but I love the progress and learning of how to search for and apply for jobs.

The momentum is building. Don’t mess with “The Big Mo.” Success is coming soon.


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