Resistance is NOT futile

Ok, some may recognize “Resistance is futile” from the alien race, the Borg, from Star Trek, the Next Generation. Yes, I’m a fanboy. And the term “fanboy” was invented,  no doubt, so geeks could feel cool.

But I digress.

As some may have read already, I’m unemployed at the moment. And some might have also read, I’m a lifelong Billy Joel fan.

Billy is in the middle of a two year commitment of monthly concerts at Madison Square Garden. Pretty impressive.  He’s 64 years old, hasn’t written a new pop song since 1993 but still tours and plays to sold out crowds.

I’ve seen him 8 times in my life,  I believe. I’m not really eager to see him again,  unless under certain conditions.

One of those conditions is my friend “Brandon.” He’s never seen Billy live so ok I’m in to see with him.

Another condition is my friend “Greg.” I’ve known Greg since nursery school.  He’s a great pianist is his own right and growing up we spent hours at his piano,  him playing Billy, both of us singing.  Really a nice series of memories from my youth.

So I got tickets to Billy’s show this coming May, the three of us. BOOM.

Now… Greg texts today. Said he had access to Billy’s show at MSG TOMORROW
.  $150 for good 3rd row seats in the first section up, I think.

“Oh, why not? It’s Greg. Do it. Only $150.”

“No, I can’t. I don’t have an income other than unemployment.”

“But you have a good amount of savings. No problem.”

“True, but I can’t be irresponsible with my money.  I refuse. It’s not like this is U2 anyway (whom I’ve never seen.)”

So I texted back that I’m going to pass on the offer. I need to be be doing the right thing.

I resisted. And I’m better for it.


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