I need a drink, but first where am I?

When I was at “Different Doug”‘s house on Saturday, we were discussing how different states in the US have different laws for which types of stores can sell alcohol (not talking about bsrs, clubs, restaurants.)  It completely makes sense,  there are different state governments but it just seems strange. I actually found a website that had all of the information. 

I know alcohol was prohibited for a while, and now it’s highly controlled,  obviously.

I know in NY… “liquor stores” can’t sell beer, just wine and, yes, liquor (spirits).  Beer can be sold in supermarkets, convenience stores,  gas stations. Sporits cannot. I don’t think we could buy any alcohol on Sundays until recently.

I heard in New Jersey it’s illegal to have wine shipped to your place of residence. I know in some states,  alcohol can only be purchased  by a state government store.

I know some states liked Utah like their alcohol with… low levels of alcohol.

I think it’s kooky. That’s just me.  What amir about you?

What about in other countries? What are the laws by you?

Ugh… I think I need a drink.


  1. I like the idea of letting local communities decide what they are comfortable with as long as they post the rules. In Paris there was no drinking age but I think one has to be 16 to purchase liquor in a store on their own. If I recall correctly the rules in Japan are 16+ or with parents. But in Japan being even a little bit drunk in public is considered very shameful and can get you arrested. I didn’t pay any attention to the drinking rules in London, in Mexico we never got carded when I was a teen but I’m not sure if that’s the law or just lax barkeepers. I didn’t pay any attention to the rules in Canada either. I spent my early childhood in the Tennessee mountains and the only law was the mountainfolk one drank when they were handed a drink there. I’m pretty sure our soldiers have to be 18 to drink on base/post the rules stay the same on all posts, and they also must be of high enough rank to be allowed drinking privileges.


  2. We have had nannies from other countries, mostly Europe, where they can buy beer or wine at the convenience type store by age 15. But cannot drink spirits until age 18.

    On a similar note, my friend told me they don’t drive in Paris til age 18…maybe cause they drink so young!!

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  3. I moved to a rural dry county in Georgia fourteen years ago from Germany. Culture shock would be an understatement. Fortunately, things have improved and we now have Sunday Sales, liquor by the glass and honest to goodness package stores in my county. I love progress.

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  4. I live in FL & can buy alcohol at almost anytime. Come to think of it there hasn’t been a time when I wanted to buy it that I couldn’t. I am talking any kind of alcohol.

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  5. When I lived in Auckland (NZ) for a year you could buy alcohol everywhere, I went to a convenience store and asked for spirits (I meant mineral turps), they gave me alcohol, loved that place!!

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  6. In Indiana only cold beer can be sold at a liquor store, and at liquor stores no “cold” sodas can be sold. Supermarkets sell beer, wine, and spirits, and ZERO liquor sells on Sunday except at bars and restaurants.


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