SNL’s 40th Anniversary

Anyone who keeps track of the GRex Twitter feed knows that last night I posted with reckless abandon rehashing the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live.

Man I love that show.  When I was young,  like 7 (1979/80) I want allowed to watch it. Too risqué and too late. My parents and older siblings would watch in the basement. BUT they didn’t know I’d lay across the top stair peering at the tv, following along as I could.  I can’t remember skits that I saw at that time, but the energy was great.

A few years later I’d get my own room and tv and that’s all she wrote. Eddie Murphy was the man,  Joe Piscopo was too.

The 84-85 year favorite with the pro’s of Billy Crystal, Martin Short, Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest, etc.

Then of course with 86 came Phil Hartman,  Dana Carvey, Nora Dunn, Jan Hooks & co.

My friends would watch,  and do characters and quote just all the time. Such fun times.

I’ll stop there as my opinions can go on and on about most SNL years, but last night’s ode to SNL and it’s creator Lorne Michaels was very satisfying overall.

And of choose I thoroughly enjoyed commenting on Twitter and Facebook as it was happening live. It was like we were all hanging out together, celebrating something we love.

I don’t get the people who say it hasn’t been good since the first x amount of years. In my opinion, there’s always some redeeming stuff in most shows. Some individual shows may be better than others.  It’s tough being consistently funny for 90 minutes,  minus commercials and musical guests.

I watched lots of old SNL episodes on VH1 leading up.  Not all of those sketches were laugh provoking either. I think we tend to look at some casts through Always-Funny Colored spectacles. As we’d like to remember them.

It’s ALL great.


  1. I watched from the 1st episode, and it wasn’t as funny as we all remember, but it was original, bold and unlike anything before its time. Belushi was the standout, for sure. It has sometimes deserved the “Saturday Night Dead” review. We still watch, there are glimmers of hope, even today. ☺ Yours, with more cowbell, Van by the River


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