Scuba in NY February

GRex loves those discount companies like Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Local, where people can buy partner items or services at a lower price.

With these things I’ve gone to comedy shows, dinners, accupunture, speed dating, spa, movies, gun range, movies, dueling piano shows, massages, ziplining, rock climbing(indoor and outdoor), hang gliding… and last Thursday scuba diving!

I’m not a great swimmer normally but this? Bring it on!

The lesson was at the pool at A YMCA in Manhattan. There were two other people learning. We watched a scuba basics video first. Then put our wetsuits on. That was so tight that,  add my mother says, you can see what religion I am.

Put on our flippers and went in the pool to put everything else on. In the shallow end we knelt (kneeled?) on the pool floor and practiced emptying water out of our masks, stabilizing eat pressure  and putting the air tube back in while underwater.

Then went to the 9ft end and swam, threw a water frisbee around for 20 minutes.

So so so cool.  I’m considering getting scuba certified when the weather gets nicer.
Here are some pics:





GRex in middle


GRex on the right.


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