Happy Valentine’s Day, blog lovers

So today is that Hallmark day to celebrate love.  What does GRex have on the agenda? 
(ok in Italian, it started as “questo cazzo” but is often abbreviated as “sto cazz”… and in the USA it sounds like “stu gots.” Sto cazz literally means “this dick” but often connotes to “nothing.”)

Anyway, I’m doing nothing.  The local woman I’ve had four dates with and that they’re is no real romantic future with just wants to relax at home this weekend sans GRex.

And the the female friend whom I got reacquainted with recently and I texted a bit this week but no date yet.

But this is a great night to meet single ladies.  So I’ll go out for a bit. I’m 42 and I don’t go out late to bars carousing anymore,  but I’ll go to the local pub early in the evening for dinner at the bar.  Usually I wind up talking to some women.

Now… if only I can find one who just saw 50 Shades of Grey today. Maybe I’ll get some action ; )

Happy Valentine’s Day all!


  1. Sooo I went to your site and had to fill out a name and email thingy and then it requested that I log in again, but I didn’t log in. Tooo Weird? Does it do that when you visit my site?

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