Great family, great friends, great day

So today,  I was holed up at home looking for a job.

I was NOT on Facebook or on WordPress all day while I was looking for a job.

I sent a couple resumes out to some good jobs.  AND followed up with people who know people who work at those companies to put a good word in for me. AND I heard back from a company I interviewed with three weeks ago.  They’re now setting up my second interview there.

Also… I was pretty stir crazy from being at home , so I arranged to see my cousin,  her boys and my aunt on Long Island. My cousin’s kids (who are my first cousins, once removed) are cute boys, 8 and 9 years old. But sometimes they’re just antisocial when I come over. Not just with me but with many house guests, even their own grandmother who lives in the same house. They don’t run over when I come in. They avoid hugs, they don’t talk much.

I get it, I don’t see them much, but they do know me. I hear one is much better out in the real world. Oh well. Good boys otherwise. Well behaved generally, good natured. My aunt/godmother is a great woman. Extremely generous and thoughtful.

Then I arranged to go to a friend’s house on Long Island. some of us call him “Different ‘Doug.'” I’ve known Doug since sophomore year of college. Such a great man. Fun, hard working, hospitable. His wife is awesome too. We had some beers (not her), a BUNCH of laughs. AND though I once said I was Too Old To Crash On Couches, I’m about to crash on a couch.

Diff lives far out on Long Island.

Oh well.  His son is so cute and friendly.  Can’t wait until tomorrow morning.

Good night


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