The Power of the Smirk

I know in a prior post I mentioned  how physical motions actually affect my mood,  but I thought I’d talk about this again,  because I think it’s important.

Ok, for those who just joined, I’ve been  unemployed since August.  Interviewed with 16 companies since then but no offers yet.

So yeah my mood can be volatile lately.  But you know what a quick fix is?
Smirking. For no reason other than to manage my mood.  It actually helps… a lot.

(Ok ok full smiling works too,  but for me, but forcing a full smile makes me feel like a doofus.)

I believe my (and dare I say “our”) actions are directly proportionate to my mood. Good/positive mood: Good/positive action.  Bad/negative mood: bad/negative action.

For me, smirking puts me in a good mood. Not just good/positive, but playful, badass, up to something, confident, creative, bold, positive, optimistic, mysterious.

And who doesn’t like those things?  Zombies, that’s who. And I am no zombie.

As Ron Burgundy once said…

Read this article. It triggers endorphins and internal rewards systems. In my body, I could physically feel the shift of the endorphins kicking in. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a field of therapy dedicated to smirking. (Ok ok, full on smiling too : )

Go ahead and try it. I just have to be conscious and aware of my mood.  Then say “Ok Rex, let’s smirk to get you out of that” and commence the smirkage. Like this:

(Actual GRex smirk)

You see it’s not much. And NO it is NOT a “Duck Face.” It’s getting there, but it is NOT one. Actually my cousin “Nunzio” called it a “Guido purse” of the lips. That’s fairly accurate. I’m a recovered guido. You should see my high school yearbook (1989). Guido smirks aplenty.

It kinda says “Yeah that’s right,  I’m in a good mood and I’m the man” and that is NOT a bad thing. I’m not a dick about it, but if it gives me a positive mindset, who cares?


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