Real men don’t apologize, but they do say “my bad”

Apologizing is so looked down upon.  “It’s a sign of weakness” as one character says in the dark comedy “Swimming with Sharks”.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it if there is clearly something that I did that negatively affected somebody that was not my intention that I genuinely regret causing.

Luckily, the slang term “my bad” is part of everyday talk… or at least MY everyday talk with friends anyway.

“GRex, you were supposed to arrive an hour ago.”

“Hey (then pause and give a heartfelt nod)… my bad.”

I claim responsibility, acknowledge it had a negative affect that i regret causing… yet their’s an air of being cool because it’s slang.

Boom… all is forgiven and I’m still masculine.

Someday,  I bet we’ll be able to plead “my bad” in court.


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