I give great pet

I was at a friend’s apt yesterday.  She has a husband,  <2 year old daughter,  two cats. We ordered in food, I brought some cookies from a Brookyn bakery.

Good times.

One of her cats,  I think Pete, was so friendly. I think he's 9 years old, seemed mellow,  loved to be pet. I'm talking he looked at me after I pet him as if saying "you mean you're not going to do that until I fall asleep?"

Actually,  if I actually stopped for a minute,  he would rub the length of his cat body on my hand "dammit, if you're going to be a lazy ass, I'll do it myself."

But once he started purring, he started drooling.

Wait… what?

"Yeah, Rex. He does that.  He'll slobber all over you."


photo from petsadvisor.com

This sounds familiar, although I read the reasons for this don’t sound too pleasant. The petting gets so good that normal body functions are affected.

Damn, I give great pet.

Now, I love animals so i soldiered on petting him as we ate cookies and drank coffee but after a while,  it was all over my pants and my hands. So… every five seconds of so,  I wiped his face with a napkin. He wasn’t quite fond of that but it worked well for me.

UNTIL I finished my coffee and then accidentally WIPED MY FACE WITH THE CAT SLOBBER!


Lucy Van Pelt, I feel you.


  1. My cat does that too if you pat him good.

    It’s gross. Last thing I need is to be covered in cat slobber in bed because he can’t swallow his spit due to being overjoyed so much at the pats. It’s just… no.

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