Kanye, or kan’t ye?… that is the question

Ok, Kanye should not have run up after Beck was announced as the winner of Best Album. Obvious statement.

I know has has re-gifted awards that he’s won if he felt others were more deserving, BUT that’s NOT how most people operate and expecting them to is RIDONKULOUS.


And turning around at the last second is not a win for him… or us. His sitting in the crowd, lightly clapping and being angrily quiet… like a normal person who disapproves… that wouldn’t even be a win,  that would just be normal. That’s all we want.

We all have differing opinions about things, but we adults know when to express them and when not to.

But not for nothin, the Grammys also f’ed this up by encouraging Kanye’s behavior by nominating his sonically offensive song Bound 2 for a Grammy, by letting him actually perform an auto-tuned song, and do a SECOND song (with Sir Paul and Rihanna) and for letting him sit in the front row.

Poor choices all around.

And Beck even asked him to come back on stage.

I think Kanye may have mind control powers, like Professor X… He’s Professor W.

That’s the only logical explanation for how ALL of those things could have happened.


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