Act on Inspired Thought: Vlog

Ok, so In Recipe for a great day I mentioned that I spoke to a friend about an idea for a talking heads comedy video blog. It’s the same friend
“Brandon” that I mentioned in Accent Coincidence that does voices.

We’re both interested in stand up and improv comedy,  have done both.  That’s kind of how we bonded after we met through work in the early aughts.

In 2005 I decided to stop pursuing stand up. I’d done it once a month/two months for a few years as an amateur. But the uncertainty of the lifestyle and the schedule was not something I was interested in. So I stopped.

I did it once last year for the hell of it. I still have that creative side.

Now I have this blog and I try to keep it on the funny side. But Youtube also exists… and I hear that there are people making money off it… so what’s one more,  right?

Enter: Brandon.

I got him on board and he came over yesterday. We made some videos. I can’t say they’re funny, per se. Maybe they are but they’re more of fun banter about some random topics. And some not so random. Ok I cheated using some topics I’ve covered here on GRex.

I need to edit them.  Actually I need to learn how to edit them on iMovie. I started some tutorials on YouTube.  Not that bad.

We’ll see how they came out.


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