Awkward dating and Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day is this coming Saturday. A Hallmark holiday,  no doubt, but one nonetheless celebrated.

Will I this year?

So the woman I’ve had four dates with is still around,  and by around I mean we’re texted a couple times this weekend. This past weekend we did not see each other due to conflicting schedules. But as I’ve posted things are moving very slowly, as she likes it, plus there’s the whole non-possibility of having kids.

So it is not a long term possibility and I believe we both know it. More like fun dinner company in the area.

Do I acknowledge V Day with her at all? Especially since V Day is on Saturday this year and Saturday is usually her only day of the week for dating.

Obviously,  love is not a factor with her, and yes, I hear that Valentine’s Day is about love : )

But it may be nice to do. It also might be misleading.

There’s also this woman whom I reconnected with this past weekend. I’ll call her tonight and we’ll see how that goes.


  1. In your heart of hearts you know who you want to see on Saturday. Ask that one first and if she can’t make it then ask the other. If your first choice can make it Saturday, take second choice out on Friday.

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  2. Guys sure do have a lot of decisions to make when dating. I vote you keep it simple maybe a single carnation for whoever you happen to be out with that day?


  3. I never celebrate valentine’s day. If you did the same as me, you wouldn’t be having this dilemma now 😉
    Valentine is all about sickly sweet vomit-inducing love and commercialism in my humble opinion 🙂

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  4. My husband and I never celebrate Valentine’s Day – mainly because after 16 years of marriage, I do not need Hallmark or Russell Stovers to let me know how he feels. He loves me and shows me this everyday. As for when you are dating someone – I think you are seriously overthinking this. Valentine’s Day does not have to be about love or sap. You have gone on four dates with this woman and even though you know it isn’t going anywhere, the fact is that right now she is in your life in a small way. Giving her a Valentine’s Day card or inexpensive chocolates or just taking her out to dinner would just be an acknowledgement that she exists and you enjoy her company – it is not a sign that you are committed. Consider Valentine’s Day to be more like a birthday. You acknowledge the event and give a card or small gift and it doesn’t signify any deeper emotions at all.

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