“Get a selfie with him.”

I know we love new words to describe things and generalize but I have to say a SELFIE IS A PICTURE ONE TAKES OF ONE’S SELF AND IT’S NOT THE ONLY WAY A PICTURE CAN BE TAKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(pant pant pant)

I know I know I’ve blogged about “selfies” before but I have to say this because it just ANNOYS THE FUCK OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!

A friend was in a salon in LA and some celebrity was in it to getting his hair cut.  She posted thst on Facebook. Someone comments “take a selfie with him.”

What’s wrong with asking somebody to take a picture,  hence it not being a selfie?

But I will assert that the commenter doesn’t really care who takes a picture and that she just meant take a picture and she just said “take a selfie” because it’s quickly entered our vocabulary to mean “a picture with you in it, possibly others too.”

Society has become a 15 year old girl.

Just to be a dick, after her comment “take a selfie with him” I commented “or just take a picture with him.”


  1. If I take the photo, the photo is mine and I can do what I like with it. If someone else takes the photo for me not only do I risk them running off with my camera but now the photo and it’s rights belongs to them.

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  2. Well technically, any picture taken by oneself of oneself is a selfie, regardless of how many other people are in the picture. Telling someone to take a picture of someone means taking a pic that does not include yourself, unless you said to ‘take a picture with that person.’

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  3. Selfies Kim Kardash style are ridiculous… but, but if I am out cycling alone and come across a stunner view on the trails I sometimes take a selfie …. just to show off to my mates who are stuck in an office. LOL

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