Date #0

Ok, I went out to a friend’s happy birthday drinks.  A female friend. “Michelle.” I met her 8 years ago at my previous company. She a 22 year old trainee, I a 34 year old newbie to the company.

We were always pretty flirty but never dated: the age difference, she moved away, got a bf, moved back to NYC with the bf, they broke up and I was still  friendly with the bf.

There was a brief possibility before she got her bf, we were all at a conference for work, staff from all over the world, but I wound up kissing another coworker (“Samantha” who coincidentally was Michelle’s roommate at the conference. I think Michelle hooked up with another coworker, “Gene.” Sam and I hung out for a couple months after that. She ended it really oddly. Anyway…)

But now the bf moved back home and  and he and I are only in touch on FB.

Start your engines!

So she’s now 30, I 42. Yes, still 12 years apart but it feels different now that we’re older. And we’re both single. So I went to her bday drinks last night. And i made sure to work out that afternoon and wear a shirt that marketed the goods well ; )

We had maybe 15 minutes of talking time since she had lots of people to spread her time with. I bought her a couple bday drinks.

As I left the party, I asked her to “lunch or dinner. Dinner.” Ok not my smoothest approach.

“You mean a date?” she inquired.

“… yes… a date.”

“Yeah, it’s about time.”

We’ll see what happens. Nice to have some interest.


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