Cake vs Pie

Ok… a friend,  my brother and I have an ongoing debate,  Cake vs Pie. Two enter the ring, only one can leave.
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If you had to choose one,  what would it be? There are some winning characteristics of both, and some really great versions for each. Here is a limited list of selling points for both:

Cake: Frosting
Pie: Crust

Cake: Fruit
Pie: Fruit

Cake: Birthdays and Weddings
Pie: Autumn and Winter holidays

Cake: Cheesecake
Pie: Apple Crumb Pie

Cake: Ice Cream Cake
Pie: a la Mode

Cake: Cream
Pie: Meringue

Cake: more of an urban feel
Pie: more rustic.

The debate goes on.

I know both are great buf if you had to pick one, cake or pie, which would you pick and why/what are your favorite features and types?


  1. I don’t eat much of either, but I’d go for a cake. Having cheesecake and ice cream cakes are enough to win the debate for me alone. You could go a route that could ease things, with the strawberry pie cake, I’ve only ever had one, but it was good.


  2. Hard choice, possibly have to choose pie. Simply because you can carry pie around easily to eat if its a small pie or a slice of pie. The crust makes it more manageable to eat on the run. My fav is cherry pie. Cakes are good if you are sitting down with a plate. And you can go for seconds 🙂

    But ultimately, I love pies more 🙂


  3. I make a mean NY style cheesecake….I’ve been told it’s BETTER!! I LOVE that Italian cake with peaches and strawberries with whipped cream Hartford has a couple great Italian bakeries left over from the old mafia days…..But, there is nothing like a homemade apple pie in the fall!

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