Zonkey’s exist aka F Darwin!

So I heard something on TV recently about people creating an animal from a zebra and a donkey.  Hence,  the Zonkey.


I did my five minutes of research on Wikipedia. Turns about that cross-breeding between different equine species does NOT happen “in the wild.” Meaning, animals normally have sex only with other animals IN THEIR OWN SPECIES.

Well DOY of course they do!

But these hybrids exist. As do zorses and zebrules (I think you can figure those out.)

So let’s see. .. if they don’t occur “in the wild” them how are these animals being created?  Oh, of course.

Humans are forcing ZEBRAS TO FUCK DONKEYS, And they’re forcing DONKEYS TO FUCK ZEBRAS!

And this has been going on since the 1800s. Darwin had some. I get it, zebras have stripes and none other do. So one day they were all passing a joint around and said “Dude, picture this: stripes and a fuckin DONKEY. Bro, that would kick ass!”

How does one get an animal to have sex with another animal of a different species?  Oh I know….



Had to be.  With some 19th century equivalent of Marvin Gaye music playing in the stables. After an hour of Jaeger and some baby makin music … forgetaboutit… Animal frat party of promiscuity.

But seriously, these zebra hybrids are born born sterile? And often they have dwarfism?

Look at the Wikipedia page:


Towards the top it says “This page has some issues.” NO SHIT SHERLOCK! YA THINK?

These new animals can’t even breed. Even nature’s saying “chill out, you’ve had enough of that.”

Maybe geneticists should stop being animal pimps.  Sounds like they’re a few steps away from the Human Centipede.


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