Last Time I’m Wearing THESE Pants

So I have this one pair of pants,  they’re gray or beige, typical khakis. I bought them as a mistake once, 30 inch in-seam instead of 32, but by the time I realized it I had taken the tags off.

Actually I’m like a 31, so if I lower the waist a little bit, they were acceptable,  or I think they were anyway. The belt loops weren’t around my thighs like kids these days, but just pulled a little lower.

So today I had an interview. It was on the phone but I like to dress in business causal anyway. So I wore a button down and these pants.

But something was off… they didn’t fit like they used too.

They were tighter in the waist,  thigh and ass region. I did gain a little weight in December but still… how can this be?

I have worked out a bunch on my legs this year. Could that be it, combined with the weight? 

So I could not shimmy them down anymore.  Oh boy. Well, it was only fir a phone interview anyway.

An hour later, I went out for lunch. And without realizing it, I went out of the apt wearing the high waters.



I felt the breeze a little more today.


  1. My paranoia would have gotten the best of me and I would have been yelling in strangers faces, “They were just for a phone interview! What are you staring at?!?”

    “Nothing? Oh. Okay. Have a great day!”


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