I think I want to smell people’s breath

Ok ok that sounds weird.  I know.  But here’s the situation:

I was out with my friend “Dave” last night having drinks, sitting at the bar. After a while we moved out chairs closer together to make room for others at the bar.

And it was loud in the place so we moved our heads a little closer to hear each other.

At one point, I got hit in the face with a puff of his breath. I tried not to flinch with that “I just got hit in the face with a puff of your breath” face,  but who knows?

But the next time it came, I was prepared and I found myself sniffing. 

I don’t know why. But it happened. Is that normal?

What was I going to do if it was bad?  Judge him probably. Was I trying to build a case to judge my friend? 

That’s the only logical explanation. Otherwise I would just be weird, which I’m clearly not.

Man that’s fucked up.


Image from asapdentist.com


  1. Nah…
    It’s not fucked up. I do that sometimes. Not to judge anyways(I don’t think you do too) but just out of some twisted curiosity to know how other people’s breath smells. In comparison to mine, or just so that I can snort and laugh mentally as though it were some sort of an inside joke whenever I see the person. Anyways when I was in college I did it to know who I could lend my cutleries to, who had good oral hygiene, who was kiss worthy and who wasn’t(especially). Now however, I try not to notice it. But it just goes ahead and happens unconsciously anyways. Heh heh. C’est la vie baby!

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  2. That’s a wee bit odd. I don’t think anyone has ever sniffed my breath before if I noticed I’d think they were planning on kissing me and likely back up a bit ;P


  3. Not too weird. Perhaps make it into a guessing game? What do you think the last thing they ate/drank based on the smell….or is that taking it too far??

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