The Abbott and Costello Coincidence

So in yesterday’s Recipe for a great day I mentioned that last night I was talking to my friend “Brandon” about my idea about our talking heads comedy serious on YouTube.

I had been bouncing toys idea around for a couple weeks now and had envisioned that in it, he would be more of the “comedy straight man” like Abbott and I would be more wacky like Costello. I mentioned that too him last night.

Well… this morning I check Facebook and I see that my uncle happened to leave a picture of Abbott and Costello on my FB wall, fir a completely unrelated reason.

THEN while making plans via text with another friend, he said “who’s on first” which is a reference to Abbott and Costello, naturally.

If that’s not a crazy coincidence I don’t know what is. That’s practically a hammer on the head sign from God. Ok ok I get it.

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