Putting Instagram names on your Tinder profile!!!


So I’m flickin around on Tinder and I figured hey here’s a concept, I’ll click on the “i” and read what they have to say.

Actually, I’m really just looking for if they list height because,  let’s face it, it’s a genuine concern. Most men date/marry women at least a little shorter than they are, most women date/marry men at least a little taller than they are.

But some women give it a good go and write some stuff. I’m reading and seeing who likes running, sudoku or traveling… who likes dogs, Italian food or skiing… who likes blah, blah or blah.  It’s all the same after a while. I’m flicking right based on her picture anyway,  and we can deal with the fact that I’m a clutz on the slopes later.

(And some women won’t even pretend it’s about her interests and don’t write any details.  Good for them.)

But then I notice some have their Instagram names on them.


They’ve already uploaded pictures to Tinder! That’s enough for me to decide physical interest. Yes, I know some pictures don’t give a good idea,  so DON’T PUT THOSE IN TINDER. LOAD GOOD ONES.

I’m already on one app, GET OVER YOURSELF.

But ok yeah, I went on some women’s Instagram pages (in research for this blog post only) and yet some were SET ON PRIVATE!!!

So I have to follow someone and wait for them to approve a stranger’s  request to see all of her pictures to be sure that I want to swipe right on Tinder?!?!

I’m not saying men are perfect in their profiles, I just don’t have that knowledge. They’re probably doing the same too. And no, I’m not going to set up a fake profile just for the sake of seeing how the other side sees Tinder.

Ugh… I’ll be at the bar.


  1. Haha, I just was swiping on my Tinder app, and let me tell you… 90% of guys give you their instagram/twitter accounts, give you their height, Ok I’m 5 ft so I don’t really have to worry too much about a guy being shorter than me, but apparently it’s an issue. Sure I’d like to learn more about the guy but not that way. The best is when (since you use your facebook photos) they have photos with their wives, and it’s not like they say their looking for another partner. Oh the dating scene, I think a bar might be better lately.

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