Social Media Muscles

So I saw this article about an Australian model Erin McNaught where she posted post-child-birth pics of her bod back in bikini shape. Most of her followers complimented naturally. But some people insulted her for one reason or another.

“Shaming” as its called nowadays.  We love to label things with novel words. It can’t just be “insulting” for some reason.

First of all, must be a slow news day for this site. “This just in: some people are assholes and say mean things.”


But my question to you is… are they assholes BECAUSE of social media? Hiding behind names like “gclovin” they’re emboldened by the fact that said lovely lady (or her bodyguards) won’t be coming after him to slap the shit out of him.

And I read about people tweeting mean things directly to celebrities.  Hell, Jimmy Kimmel has a (fucking hilarious) bit where celebrities read mean tweets people post about them.

Then there’s people tweeting death threats.

Wait, what?  DEATH THREATS?! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! Luckily I haven’t heard of any being fulfilled. Just blank threats.

I’m going out to go out on a limb here and say that these are not actual criminals.  Not all of them anyway. 

I think with anonymity and physical removal, our inhibitions go down and we get all tough: Social Media Muscles


  1. I appreciate the scene in the movie ‘Jay and Silent Bob Striker Back’ where, when they get a ton of cash, fly all over and physically assault (aka kick the shit outta them) everyone who insulted them on the internet.

    Money well spent in my opinion….

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