Recipe for a great day

Ok so you all will probably be thinking “duh,” but I need to say this “out loud.”

I feel great about how today went.  No I did not get a job, nor laid.

But I kept my word. In a self help course I did in 2000, the definition of integrity is honoring my word, and doing everything I can to keep it. And if I realize I won’t be able to do that, communicate that to whoever is involved.  

There were many things that I wanted to do:

-I prayed before bed

-I stretched my hamstrings and my arms (I’m stiff, can’t come close to touching my toes while straight legged.  And also,  I have limited strength in my left hand, grabbing things with just my fingers is weaker. I have limited typing range. Stretching helps. Doctors haven’t helped.)

-I said my affirmations (Yes, I’m one of those.  I often have a lot of negative stuff bouncing around in my head. Especially now that I’m unemployed. So I’ve found going out of my way to say positive affirmations keeps me positive.)

-I meditated twice. (I recently reblog get The Benefits of Guided Meditations which has links to some YouTube guided meditation videos. They do the job.)

-I visualized (I find visualizing my goals already mine puts me in a good mindset.)

-Looked for a job today with very few distractions.  Applied to some good jobs, followed up on interviews,  networked.

-Ate and hung out with a friend on the cheap. I’ve been splurging so good to reel it in.

-With that friend had a great conversation about what’s going on in each other’s lives

-Got him on board with an idea for a talking heads comedy video blog (vlog)

I think I’ll do it again tomorrow!


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