Superbowl Tradition

For approximately 17 of the past 20 years, I’ve seen the Superbowl with the same friends.  Not every person is at every attendance, but the core is the same.

The twins “Rick” and “Rob,” and our friend “Darren.” We all grew up on the same block or around the corner, I for my whole life,  the others since they were 12 or so.

The locations of the Superbowl parties have differed though we’re on a long streak at Rick’s apt.

It’s something I absolutely love. The longtime friendship. The inside jokes, the unconscious understanding of each other (and the betting : ) I won $5 on the coin toss GO TAILS!) R & R and I love football,  Darren tolerates it and makes jokes on how little he knows about the sport, like screaming “HOME RUN!

And two relative newbies were there too. They look like they’re permanent fixtures too.

And it will take something really big for me to miss it. Heck the woman I’ve had 4 dates with loves football, and the Patriots specifically and wanted to hang with me but I could not make the exception. No women allowed, it changes the dynamic.

Great game this year.

And… I was able to get a parking spot right outside my apartment building at midnight.



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