Other people took my karaoke night idea and are running with it

So I’m part of an Billy Joel discussion/fan club of sorts.

Yes, that’s right.  I’m a 42 year old Queens NY native.  Billy Joel hasn’t put out a new pop album since 1993. His music was all over my house growing up. I’ve seen him 8 times in concert. In the 80s, my brother had the White Man bouffant hair cut like Billy had in the 70s.

So fuck it, I’ll join. I don’t really listen anymore but I can hold my own in fanboy conversations with these posers and can add my signature snarky flavor.

So people post questions about songs, albums, tours, trivia. All very good.

But then I realized one thing was missing:
“Hey who’s interested in a Billy Joel trivia night?” I inquired.

“Me!” “Me!” “I’m not in NYC area.” “I can’t sing but I can drink. ” etc


As anyone who’s put events together knows,  arranging the details is the big pain.

And then, someone went to an area in Long Island, found a bar, got details. And someone else is taking care of the date, put together an invitation, etc.

I just dropped the idea but don’t need to fo any more work?

This is AWESOME.  Can’t wait to regale them my rendition of “You may be right”


  1. I get to see him for the first time in May! And if this is still going out next time I hit NYC I’ll have to come out for this.


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