I FINALLY watched La Bamba!

So I had no plans last night. I did go out to a local bar to have some dinner while sitting at the bar. I had to at least get out of the apartment for a bit before cabin fever set in and I started seeing REDRUM written on my walls.

Burger, fries,  a couple beers.  All good.  Spoke to a woman next to me. Not a dating possibility but it was all good.

So when I got home,  I looked through the movies the Verizon FIOS has to offer. The new releases that I’d heard of I had either seen already or had no interest in so I looked through all of their movies. And I saw La Bamba, the Ritchie Valens story that was popular in the 80s.

“WAITAMINUTE!  I’VE NEVER SEEN LA BAMBA!” I mentally exclaimed.

And watch it it did. It was indeed a great movie,  s story of his family’s early struggle fur stability and happiness in Californiax the dynamic with his troubled brother who, though older, was second fiddle in hitheir mothers eyesx and Ritchie’s quick rise to the beginnings of success as a rock n roll musician in the late 50’s untik his tragic death in a plane crash along with the pilot and fellow musicians Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper. Ritchie was just 17 and the others were in the 20s. That plane crash was the main topic of the classic Don McLean song American Pie. “The day the music died” as he called it.

The movie was really well acted and was responsible for making Lou Diamond Phillips a household name for a while (in the 90s, I even saw him in the Broadway play “The King and I”.

Although I’d never seen the movie,  I had the soundtrack (ok cassette) and I played the crap out of it. Damn I love music from the late 50s.


The songs Ritchie wrote/sang were so catchy were just great. Donna, Come on, let’s go, Ooh, my head. So catchy and fun. La Bamba was an old Mexican folk song but his rendition as a rock song is what brought it into pop culture.

I hyperlinked those song titles above to the songs on YouTube…

Take a listen, hep cat!


  1. Your level of Chuloriffic went up a few points! LoL JK When I was a little girl, I couldn’t go to bed without watching La Bamba first. Probably not a wise choice, but my young,
    Hispanic parents didn’t know any better nor did they care. LoL Anyway, glad you finally got to see it!


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