Yada, blah, and all that stuff: What’s your sentence extender of choice?

So I was talking to a friend that I grew up with but haven’t hung out with since the early 90s. Go Facebook,  bringing people together.

I went to his house, we went to a bar and shot the shit and caught up.

As we spoke, I noticed that he ended most sentences with “…and all that stuff.” I didn’t point that out to him (it was kind of entertaining, actually),  but it was plain as day.

Like 85% of his sentences.

But if I think about it, the “sentence extender” as I call it… the thing we use to notify that there are other examples of the thing that we’re talking about… comes in many shapes and sizes.

I suppose the original one is “et cetera” (etc) but I’d say the most famous is “yada yada yada” made famous in a bit from a Seinfeld episode.

But there’s also “blah, blah, blah.” That’s a big one.

A friend uses a derivative “blahbity blah” which I’ve also adopted with much success. 

Another friend says “whatever whatever,” and also uses “this and that.” Sometimes he uses the combo “whatever whatever this and that.”

And of course SNL alum Darrell Hammond’s impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger used to use them all of the time, especially “and things of that nature.”

Many of us add a little some’n some’n at the end of our sentences to imply more similar things of whatever we’re talking about. I, too, am guilty.

Do you do that?  What are your opinions, favorites, most used, blah blah blah?


  1. The worst date I ever went on said “and everything” after his phrases…only it came out “and errrrything.” I like to play football and errrything with my brother and errrything because I like it and errrything. Sometimes there would be a pause and then a quiet “and errrything” to follow.

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  2. I don’t use them much in conversations but I think at one time or another I’ve used them all except the yada yada one. I guess I haven’t really made a commitment to one set way of extending my sentences.

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  3. I make an effort not to use ‘sentence extenders’ or fillers like ‘um’ and ‘uh’ when speaking to people. The only time I use them is when it is clear that the other person is either tired of listening to me or not interested in the story at all so I will shorten it by simply saying, “you get the idea.”


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