Do we REALLY need to specifically say “No drones at the Superbowl”?

Ok. I realize that recently a drunken off duty government employee flew a drone by the White House, so is this why they’re saying that the Superbowl is a Drone-Free Zone?

(I think it’s weird that remote control helicopters have been around forever but now that they have a new badass design and name, they’re all the rage.)

Look, I know they can be very useful, but
SHIT come on people!! They can also be downright annoying if people just fly them around willy nilly.

And it looks like our future is willy nilly (I think I’ll put that on a t-shirt.)

“Hehe heh look at me! I’m cool. I’m flying a drone everywhere! I have ‘eyes in the sky!'”

Slowly these things will be integrated into society. I know companies are pitching to have drones deliver packages.  I prefer not imagining that society. And other drone enthusiasts have them whizzing about, filming things. It’s like making the Orwellian Big Brother and is sourced by the people,  not the government.

South Park had a great episode satire-ing drones (with SP’s trademark over-the-top hilarity). Gizmodo (I LOVE Gizmodo) had a superb article a while ago on the drone episode, feel free to read here Last Night’s South Park nailed why drones are so totally creepy

Makes me want to become a gun enthusiast. I foresee drones being used for target practice if they’re following me around.



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