I’m happy with 8 inches

Of snow.  Eight inches of snow,  you pervert.

As you have no doubt heard,  the blizzard moved more east than originally expected,  so we only got around 8 inches of snow here in  Brookyn. See?


So I pulled it out… my shovel, you pervert. This only took about a half hour to clean off and dig out around it so I can get the car out easily.

“Can” is the key word. I’m not confident of finding a spot when I get back, so I’m bound to foot and subway for getting around for at least a few more days.

Plus I hear more snow is coming tomorrow.

Now, I did want to have a date on Saturday and drive to a friend’s singing gig in Jersey City. We may have to look into alternate plans.

The jury’s still out on that.


59 thoughts on “I’m happy with 8 inches

      1. It is crazy. Hot one day, blizzard the next, monsoon the day after that. You have to defrost your car some mornings and then run the AC in the afternoon. It is unpredictable. Gosh, I hate it when people talk about the weather and here I am yammering on. I think it is the wine!

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      2. 19 Crimes. It was new to me. Has a super cool vintage photo on the front which is why I bought it. It is an Australian red blend that was 15% off for wine Wednesday πŸ™‚


      3. No, I only meant to have one glass tonight.. because Thursday is wine night. I haven’t had wine in three weeks (trying to cut calories) so the first glass went down so quickly! I’ll finish the rest of this bottle and the other one tomorrow during Scandal!

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      4. I am sober now and I agree you should be in the running for coolest chick ever! πŸ™‚ I’m on my way to work though so I kinda wish I was drunk…would make my day better.

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