I actually used a saying in proper context

So on Friday when I sped into the city to meet up with my niece,  as I detailed in Mad dash for love, I had a subway decision to make.

I was on the R train in Brooklyn, which is a local train.  It stops at every stop on its line and takes forever to get into the city. I sweat I think it has the lowest priority of all subway lines.

Eventually I was going to Rockefeller Center,  which us accessible from 49th or 50th Sts between 5th and 6th Aves in Manhattan.

I know the closest stop is the orange trains at Rockefeller Center and the R has a transfer to the orange D train at 36th St in Brookyn.  And the D is express.

HOWEVER, at 59th St in Brookyn,  I could get the N train on the yellow line.  It’s express in Brooklyn,  local in Manhattan. And has a stop near Rock Center also, only a block further from the D.

At 59th St in Brookyn,  an N train was there across the platform waiting for me. Do I get on now, or do I stay on, wait til 36th St and hope it comes soon? It wouldn’t be that much of a wait but every second counted. 

Do I take the sure thing, or do I wait and hope the quicker train comes quickly?

“Well,  a bird in hand is worth two in the bush,” I thought. “So that’s what that saying means!”

So I hopped on the N train, took the sure thing.

After 42 years, that saying finally makes sense!


  1. I think it would take me years to figure out how to get around on a system like that. I’ve had mass transit adventures and written about them – mostly because they always turned out bad in a funny sort of way. One more reason I’m glad not to live in NYC (but I’m glad the people who do live there seem to like it. )

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  2. Subway systems and I don’t quite mesh. I usually end up hopelessly lost and taking a taxi to my destination. I guess the taxi drivers love that.

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