A Coincidence and a Non-Coincidence

So today I was driving my car,  remembering a conversation that I had last week when I told somebody that I’m not 22 anymore (meaning in not a spry, young man anymore. )

Right at that moment,  on the radio somebody said the number 22.

Coincidences do follow me everywhere.

Then my non-coincidence:

I was watching the movie Watchmen on demand (yes, I’m a comic book,  fanboy. Deal with it.)

While I was doing that, on my  Facebook feed there appeared a video of the Avengers movie trailer in the style of the Watchmen.

Why that’s a non-coincidence is because at some point before I sent on Facebook,  while watching the movie on tv,  i Googled some info about the movie on my computer.

So I would think some of my search data got captured and informed Facebook as to what videos I would like.  

It was cool, until it seemed creepy.


  1. I don’t know how I feel about search data. On one hand, it feels a little creepy and intrusive, but on the other…hey, I get first information on things I know I want (or think I do). It’s kind of like having a personal shopper who is really good!

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  2. You can change the ads you see by googling. It’s fun, if you haven’t played with it you should. Google a bunch of ladies heels, visit a few sites and the next thing you know all your ads are for sexy shoes. It’s priceless

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  3. The downside is that when I do a search and you do a search the results will not be the same because they will try to cater the search to the person. Which actually limits our ability to learn

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