If you have cheap toilet paper in your bathroom, I’m going to be mad

Holy crap (no pun intended) I can’t stress this enough. Using lower quality toilet paper is such a bad experience.

It’s not absorbent at all and let’s face it, not every bowel movement is going to be 100% solid.

Like rubbing my butt with printer paper. Sandpaper asspaper.

It cleans most, but in a smearing action. Plus often narrower than other toilet paper.

And what my gym has is completely unacceptable, it’s so thin it’s like ticker tape

I swear, the rest of the day I’m not right and I’d prefer to just shower and start over.

Some in my family go so far to carry the moistened, flushable wipes with them at all times to counteract the effects of low quality toilet paper.

Don’t make me be that guy. Buy the good stuff.

I know the high quality stuff costs more, but it’s worth it. “You can’t afford to but cheap things.”


  1. Okay so you’re saving like what, $3 by buying the crappy TP? This is one area where it is totally acceptable to splurge. I’m right there with ya. Cheap TP sucks. πŸ™‚

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  2. This is such an important topic!! When I first moved out of my house when ex and I split up I started thinking… I’m going to save some cash… SO, inside the grocery store I saw the price of the popular stuff like Charmin, etc… and then I saw the price of Walmart Best! Whoa…… lets save some cash.. My arse hurt for a week until I went back and bought the good stuff.

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