The Benefits of Guided Meditations

I’ve been meaning to get serious about meditating, so reading this blog could not have come at a better time.

Post Grad Rants


It’s no secret that anxiety is a difficult thing to deal with. It messes with our self-confidence, plagues our mind with negative thoughts, and prevents us from being able to enjoy the simple pleasures in life due to excess worry. For those of you that don’t get anxious from time to time, I envy you. However, for those of you that do deal with seemingly unmanageable anxiety that gets in the way of your every day life, I can relate. For a while, I was convinced that medication was the only option. That was before I gave guided meditations a try, and I strongly recommend seeing if they work for you as well.

When I first heard about guided meditations, I was skeptical. I immediately pictured myself sitting cross-legged in an empty room, closing my eyes and humming. The image was honestly hysterical to me, and I was convinced that…

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