Smart Parking for the Blizzard

So yes, snow is coming to Brooklyn.  One, two, three feet?  Who knows?

I don’t have a driveway, garage or a set parking spot. I park “on the street” like many people in my neighborhood.

That means that I’ll still need to dig my car out of the snow.

So there’s two factors to pay attention to:
– which side of the street do the snow plows point to
– alternate side of the street parking

Alternate-Side of the Street Parking (ASP) means that street sweepers come down the block once a week, sometimes twice (I’ve only seen that in the city [NYers refer to Manhattan as “the city”]) and no cars are to be parked on a designated day/time or else they get a ticket/fine. So there are signs saying the days and hours that the sweeping will occur.

IE one side of my street is a Thursday Side (meaning no cars on Thursday from 830-10am or so) and the other side is a Friday Side (no parking Friday morning.)

The next street over has one side Monday and the other side Tuesday.

Every now and then ASP gets suspended, like on national holidays,  some smaller holidays,  and SNOW DAYS.

I checked on Twitter  (oh modern technology) and ASP has been preemptively canceled on Monday and Tuesday.  So ok,  I’ll park on that street so I won’t have to be bothered moving my car later in the week should ASP be activated again.

So which side,  left or right?  Well,  I am going to have to dig my car out on Wednesday,  I want to minimize the work as much as I can. Look at how much extra snow in the street i had to dig myself out of once two years ago. That was just in eight inches of snow.


Piece of cake!  The plows always tilt to the right so the cars in the right side get buried by the plows.

Yes, I parked on the LEFT.  I’m ready for this blizzard.

Bring it!


  1. I HATE snow. A couple of years ago, we got like a foot and a half just dumped on us seemingly all at once. After two days of being trapped in the house (literally, the snow drifted up the doorway) I had to take my son to give him to his dad for the weekend, and our meeting spot is 1 hour away. Even though the roads were still shitty, the problem was that I was stupid enough to park up by the house so I had to spend three hours digging my car out of the long driveway to get to the shitty roads. As I had one scoopfull left a guy came by in his tractor and said “holy shit, did you do that by yourself?” I wanted to club him with my shovel.

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  2. Smart strategizing, Rex. I’m glad we have our one-car-wide driveway up here in Syracuse. It’s long enough to fit both my car and my wife’s car, thankfully. I have to shovel it, though, and the plow guy always socks in the end of it pretty good and solid.

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