Mad dash for love

So on Friday,  I get a text from my sister in Maine that her 15 year old daughter, “Betty,” was in DC for some Catholic school trip but was coming back that day through NY and and may, or may not, call me.

That would be nice, but nothing firm. So go on with my morning of looking at job postings.

So at 12:30pm, I get the call. They were going to 1pm mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral but would be free to get lunch afterward.

Now Betty is the niece(goddaughter too) that I wrote about in
Piggy Back Rides. Great girl. Lives in Maine.  And thought about meeting up with me on her own,  It was her idea. I’m unemployed and had no interviews that day, so my schedule was open. Plus I wad going into the city by 6pm anyway.

I live in southern Brookyn, and needed to hop on the subway ASAP.

So I took the fastest shower in the history of washing, got dressed,  got my laptop bag together and hightailed it out the door. 

As luck would have it, timing was perfect.  I met up with her and her subgroup of the larger school group there: a priest, a woman chaperone and 5 early teenagers. They are looking for a quick lunch and were about to go to the restaurants next to the skating rink at Rockefeller Plaza.

Luckily,  I was there to advise them that it would be overly expensive and lengthy and I knew of a classy sandwich shop nearby.

Betty and I ate together. I’m not a parent, so it’s a rare treat to be in the unconditional love, acceptance and adoration of a child/teenager I’ve known since day one. I’m not around that very often. And she’s growing into a brilliant, sweet and beautiful woman.

So yes, I jumped at the opportunity,  and I’m glad I did.


  1. I have two little nieces, and there’s no love like the unconditional love from them like it anywhere. Glad you took the chance to see her and it’s heart-warming to read about a teenager being so thoughtful. Great job to her parents and you! That’s definitely Chuloriffic of you! 😉

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