The Rodney Coincidence

I wad talking to my cousin “Nunzio” on Jan 21. He’s a recruiter and said that many candidates catch attitudes with him quite often and don’t give him any respect, then naturally referenced Rodney Dangerfield.

That evening Jon Stewart was referring to the State of the Union address. HE mentioned that when President Obama mentioned things that were good for everyone, like low unemoloyment, Republicans still would not applaud, then likened Obama to Rodney.


Coincidences,  baby! They follow me around.

Note: I’m not saying anything about my political preferences, just the mentions of Rodney so close together.  Please don’t leave political comments.

One comment

  1. The irony is that Rodney is/was one of the most respected comedians ever. Sometimes, respect (even the political variety) comes with perspective, and time. We’ll see how favorably history will regard this president.

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