“It was meant to be” pisses me off

I don’t like the idea of fate. I do believe there’s a God but honestly I thought we had free will. If there’s fate then the whole “meant to be” thing removes any sort of choice.

I was meant to start a blog GratuitousRex? If I get a x job,  it’s meant to be.  If I get y job,  it’s meant to be.  I’m 42 and single,  it was meant to be.  September 11th happened,  it was meant to be?

You get the point. It sounds like a bunch of hogwash. Like God has time to go planning everything for all eternity. I know he’s God and omnipotent but come on,  it unravels quickly. The Holocaust was meant to be?  Man God would be a jerk. Why’d he let that happen?

Because he let’s everything happen. Because we act how we will.

It just sounds like an easy way to end a conversation you’re tired of having.  “Hey I didn’t get that job?”

“Guess it just want meant to be.”

Both know knowingly.

“Say what are you doing for the Superbowl?”


  1. I don’t believe in fate. I also don’t believe in the whole karmic reincarnation version of fate. Humans make choices, choices have consequences. That can end well or that can end badly but it’s up to us. I guess you can see that I believe we do have free will.

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  2. I agree with you completely. It is a quick way to end a conversation, because a lot of people don’t know how to empathize or talk about the uncomfortable parts of life. It’s easier for them to say, “it was meant to be” than to come up with something thoughtful.

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  3. I think people say that just because they have no idea what else to say. There is no possible way that all the tragedy and heartache I have seen as a nurse was ‘meant to be’.

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  4. Actually, every life that ever was and ever will be is already set and planned out completely. The entire life of the universe is already planned out. Need to know how your story ends? Curious about what life will be like three thousand years from now? What your next door neighbor’s girlfriend’s sister’s best friend will be doing ten years from now? There is a website you can go to and view it all. No more need to pretend you have free will, no more uncertainty as to how things will turn out. Just visit the site…. um.. hold on, let me try to remember what it is…. ah, what a shame, I can’t remember it. Oh well, guess it was meant to be.
    Lol. If all of that were true and there was a website you could visit any time to see how things would turn out – would you visit it? Would it make you less motivated if you knew everything was planned out? Would you just say screw it, what is meant to be will happen no matter what so might as well kick back, take it easy and never stress again? Would it make your life less interesting if you didn’t have to struggle to figure things out or weigh the options of every major choice?

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  5. We design our own fate through a series of choices and determinations. At best, we as people grope around in the “dark” we know as life and do the best we can. Clearly, some choices are better than others. You know, the ones we make with our hearts or in your case, penis 😜, since you’re a guy and all…. Tend to be the more questionable or reckless of the two. Since you brought GAWD into your blog, I consider that a topic of comment. It only becomes a conversation if you respond 😛 You bring a valid point to your blog, “Man God would be a jerk. Why’d he let that happen?” Your sentence/question raises a centuries old argument. Why does God let bad stuff happen? 9/11 -The casualties mounted to 2996, the massacre of Sri Lankan Police Officers-774 casualties, Charlie Hebdo, The Holocaust-11 Million Victims, Ebola, AIDS, F-ing ISIS sawing off the heads of humanitarian workers and photo journalists…

    *Raising my hand high, oh oh oh oh oh!!!! I know!!!!
    Drat!!!! I never get called on!

    Guess what my answer izzzzz!

    Fate or the phrase, “Meant to be” is a lame way of either not taking responsibility for your actions or lack of action altogether. It’s the stuff movies are made of, see below.

    It would be wonderful if life’s turns and twists took us to the romantic, happily ever after or we could just blame good ‘ole Fate for not coming through. Realistically, we ALL craft our own fate.

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  6. To quote a kinda horrible movie, “There is no fate but what we make.”

    Seemed appropriate for this post….


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