Date #3

3rd date,  3rd dinner.  Ah early courtship.  Getting to know the restaurants in my neighborhood ; )

Yes it was over by 11pm. Not a bad sign. Dinner was great.  Post dinner aperatif’s were great.  I have a fever blister (MOTHERFUCKEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!)
which put a small damper on the physical part of the evening. Some nuzzlin’ and rubbin’ with playful gazes,  but that’s about it.

But found out some coincidences between us: both scorpios with birthdays four days apart;  our mothers’ birthdays are the day after each other (yesterday and today, actually) and our father’s both passed away on the same date (different years.)

Ok that last one was a downer but overall still good.

We made plans to see my friend’s singing gig next Saturday and alluded to other plans.


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