If at first you don’t succeed. .. tie, tie again

So last year,  I realized that I have a bunch of neckties but never wore them since my job was business causal all of the time. So I decided that if I wore a button down shirt,  I’d wear a tie too.

But if I were (was?) to wear a tie, I was going to learn the Full Windsor knot. No more Half Windsor bs.

And much to my Facebook friends’ chagrin,  I’d post pics to FB quite often. See?



Such nobility. Both sides equally built.

Now I haven’t posted tie pics since probably June. BUT, people still think of me when they see tie knots  (also tacos, but that’s for another story.)

So someone recently sent a link to all sorts of knots. So I tried the Eldredge Knot. It took a while, built with mainly the slim part of the tie, and it’s more difficult with a thicker tie.




What do you think?


  1. Fail.. Go back to windsor. You know I have same problem! First 12 or so years of career had to wear ties. Last 8-10 years we switched to business casual. I have 30-40 cool ties I never wear. Think I am going to follow your lead…wear tie with dress shirt.

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