“Aging” is just journalists nice way of saying old

I saw an article about Peter Mayhew the actor who played Chewbacca in the Start Wars movies. The title said “Aging Start Wars actor Peter Mayhew admitted to hospital.”

He’s got pneumonia.

But aren’t we all aging? It’s always doing on, nobody above 40 likes it, we’re mortal and one day will die, even the healthiest of us. Ok i get it.

I see “aging” used occasionally. Is it just because they couldn’t say “and check this out, he’s OLD so that may complicate his pneumonia.”

So just stick “aging” in there as a euphemism for “borderline frail” and everyone will know what that implies, almost like a knowing nod and a wink “if you know what I mean.”

I’m not saying writers are bad, just pointing out a use of a word.

And now back to your regular scheduled program.


  1. Nurse here….how about circling the drain? Headed for the 9th floor (in a hospital that only has 8 floors)? Train wreck? HEY…another one bites the dust…I’ll stop…lol!

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  2. Old, aged, aging, maturing, fermenting, full of years, LOL whatever. I’m old and getting older and I kinda like it. All the fun things are finally coming together and Yippeee for life.

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  3. Just saying “Star Wars actor” signals that the dude is old. In this instance, Rex. But, yes, that’s a useless word. I agree. I’d set the person’s age off with commas if it’s that important to the story. As a former editor.


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