I am now a good son!

So in my much commented on post about mw not sending Christmas cards I also mentioned that I don’t send my Mom a birthday card either.

And yes,  I got justifiably chastised for it by GRex readers.

Well I heard what you were saying. Mother Rex’s birthday is tomorrow and she is already in receipt of a birthday card.

Is it a sweet card to tell her how wonderful a person she is?

No, it’s a funny card that makes farting sounds when you open it. That’s her type of humor. She’ll love it…

Well, she’ll PROBABLY love it.

But it’s a card.

And she’ll receive two gifts from Amazon tomorrow as well.

Booyah! Who’s got two thumbs and is a good son?




  1. I hope my sons are as thoughtful one day. That is, of course, if they ever move out. They are a little attached to their Mama.


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