Here’s my weird fake ID coincidence story

Let me take you back to the summer of  1993.


I was 20. I was one of the youngest of my friends,  so that meant that if I wanted to go to any club or bar with them, I needed a fake ID. And the best fake ID to have was sometime else’s actual license who looked like you.

So a friend “Stevie” had the license of someone he knew in college.  However college was over for him and Stevie turned 21. So he paid it forward and gave me the license.

Adam Koplinsky’s license, whoever that was.  He looked somewhat like me,  was the same height and hair color. And of course I memorized all of his info just in case bouncers would test me.

One day, I was out at a TGIFRIDAY’s on Long Island with my friend “Petey,” my cousins “Jessica” and “Vito” and Jessica’s bf What’shisname.

I order a beer and hand the waiter my ID. He looks at my ID intently, then says “I’m sorry,  I can serve you a beer.  Adam Koplinsky WORKS HERE.”

Yep.  You read correctly.  I happened to be eating at the SAME FUCKING RESTAURANT WHERE ADAM KOPLINSKY FUCKING WORKED.

The waiter takes it away and a few minutes later, Adam Koplinsky, born April 7th 1971(so he’s an Aries), residing at 295 Westinghouse Street in Farmingdale NY, walks over to the table. He explained that he understands ID’s get around but he couldn’t give it back.


Interesting postscript to that story:
The next semester of college I met a girl who worked at that same TGIFRIDAY’s. I explained the story and she said “WOW THAT WAS YOU?! We tell that story to new employees all the time!”


  1. That made everybody’s day at TGIF but you and the gang, Rex. Go figure. (And Petey, your cousins and whassisname probably all laughed a little about it after they dropped you off, too.)


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