Interviewing is like being a blindfolded lumberjack. You never know when the tree will fall.

Yes, I realize that sounds like Forrest Gump in the corporate world. Corporate Gump.


I’ve been networking, sending resumes,  interviewing but nothing yet. I know something will come but who knows when?

Latest two interviews were yesterday and today.  Both were first interviews with those companies.

Yesterday’s was on the phone through a recruiter. Per the job description knowledge of a certain online advertsing operations  skill was necessary. That skill is NOT on my resume and yet, they asked to speak to me anyway. And I’ve found that finding the perfect candidate isn’t easy so companies might have to eventually make exceptions. I’m certain I could learn quickly if trained.

Well yeah, they need it on Day One. Also, they only gave me a half hour and though I was prepared I thought the fact that it was on the phone and 30 minutes was not in my favor. So we’ll see how that goes.

Today’s interview I got through a friend who works there. It was in person at another online advertising ops company.  I came in very prepared and it showed. I gave a good description of my most recent positions, and for the few times he mentioned that he didn’t see something on my resume that they needed,  I believe I countered well. Except my lack of sales experience. He asked. I don’t have any.

I had PLENTY of questions,  and due to long answers,  we only got through four. I got two TAGQ’s  (“that’s a good question.”) I think those show good insight.

He’s going to recommend that I speak to someone else once he gets back from vacation.

So we’ll see. I’ll just keep chopping away, the tree will fall eventually. Looking forward to yelling “TIMMMMMBBEEEEERRRRR!”


  1. I got my current job through recommendation and it was the best way possible….. plus it seems like the stars were completely aligned at that time, it was such a good fit 🙂 Looking for a job is a full time job itself but it sounds like this could be a good opportunity! Good luck!

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  2. Good luck! Finding a job is very difficult in this day and age. I know this sounds gratuitous, but … have faith that the right job will come along. There’s been several occasions when I reeeaaaally wanted a particular job, thought I had a great chance of getting it, and was upset when I didn’t. And each time, I looked back and for various reasons (I wound up getting a better job, or I learned the company was a hellhole, or the company folded a few weeks later) I thought thank God I didn’t get that job!

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