I hate it when kisses end when a loud smack. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. It was an actual issue with one woman I dated ages ago. Even a full on make out had to end in a loud smack.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a lip lock, and have gotten rave reviews but they don’t have to be so LOUD.

You kiss CHILDREN with smacking sounds!

And in public, if you care for a Public Display of Affection… feel free to hold hands, nuzzle, playfully gaze, whisper naughty things to each other (“whisper” means “so nobody else can hear” fyi) but PLEASE STOP THE CONSTANT KISSING LOUDLY IN PUBLIC!!!

“So GRex, it’s ok to kiss if we do it quietly?”

An occasional quiet kiss is fine. The rapid fire kissing every-few-seconds near other people is like a machine gun in my brain and just awkward for those around you.

“What’s wrong with the expression of loooooove? We should be freeeee to do whatev…”

Stick a sock in it, hippie. This is how the game of society is played.

And don’t full-on make out around a lot of people should NEVER happen!

Love is great, but go at it in private.



  1. I agree with this post 100%, plus some. This is something I get extremely annoyed about and argue with my roommate over when she does this with her boyfriend. I go in my room and shut the door and still hear them!

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  2. I have made out in public with my husband on countless occasions, don’t think it involved any loud kissy smacking sounds. As for the extreme dislike of the sound – that is an actual disorder called misophonia. Sometimes it means you hate a lot of different sounds – like I despise with an incredible hatred, the sound of people chewing their food, even with their mouths closed. I also cannot stand slurping, loud breathing and the cracking of knuckles but those do not make me have to leave the room due to extreme agitation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misophonia

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  3. Misophonia, I have misophonia. The sound of people kissing ENRAGES me. Having said that, the world doesn’t need to know about your intimate relationship. Knock that shit off.

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  4. SAME. I’m in high school, so I constantly hear those annoying kissing noises, like I hated when people from church greeted people like that….like get away, honestly loud moans would be less annoying than that wet shmchhhh noise, it’s like coughing up phlegm to me.

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  5. It annoys me too and I’m not big on public affection but if you can’t wait to get home at least make it quieter for the rest of us it’s called having respect for those around you.:}

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  6. Had to explain to a gay couple in front of me at a movie that I didn’t give a flying fark about their sexual preference-it was their loud, wet, obnoxious PDA and murmuring of sweet graphc sexual nothings while their heads blotted out a movie I paid way too much to see,that bothered me. But of course none of that occurred to them, because it was far easier to call me a homophobe along with several other things, than to admit they were acting like a coule of horny teenagers in a public place. C’est la vie in America these days….you might as well turn in your US citizenship if you haven’t been gratuitously offended at one time or another….

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