Revenge is a dish that is best served FABULOUS: Glitter mail


You thought Revenge Porn was bad?  Try Revenge Glitter! You can now anonymously mail glitter to someone. That’s fuckin downright EVIL.

If somebody mails me glitter and it goes everywhere upon opening, he/she better not put a return address on it because I will FUCK SHIT UP. That shit can get EVERYWHERE fast and I’ll be cleaning that up for weeks.

And the founder of this website/service JUST SOLD THE DAMN THING BECAUSE HE KNOWS HOW DOUCHEY A COMPANY IT IS!!!!!!

That shit ain’t right! Just ask Mitt!


  1. hey!! that guy is a very smart young man from Australia. and like you started it up ‘cos he too hated the stuff. He has other more noteworthy entrepreneurial things going on. So kudos to him, in a way, for thinking outside the box.

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